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Sinclaire Academy Book 1
Sinclaire Academy Book 1
Sinclaire Academy Book 1
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Sinclaire Academy Book 1

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  • Title: Sinclaire Academy Book 1
  • Author: YouNique09
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • SRP: P160
  • Pages: 256
  • Imprint: ICONS

Sinclaire Academy is a well-known elite school in Hangrove. This is where ones social status, rank, and blood is everything. A place where humans and vampires coexist, and a place where dreams could easily turn into a worst nightmare.

Do you dare enter?

Adrianna Walter didn’t know what was in for her when her family moved to Hangrove, a town known for having the biggest population of vampires in the country. Hoping for a fresh start, her mom enrolled her to Sinclaire Academy. She didn’t want to go there, because, of course, who would want to attend a school filled with creatures you are afraid of? But still, she had no choice.

She reluctantly starts attending the academy and meets all kinds of humans and vampires. As she realizes that there’s more to Sinclaire Academy than meets the eye, she also begins to discover a mystery that could be connected to her and her family.

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