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She's Mine, Exclusively Mine by 22MonAmour

She's Mine, Exclusively Mine by 22MonAmour

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  • Title: She's Mine, Exclusively Mine
  • Author: 22_MonAmour 
  • R-18
  • Publisher: Psicom Publishing Inc.
  • Genre: Romace
  • Language: English
  • SRP 195
  • ISBN: 9786214141951

She's Mine, Exclusively Mine


Carina has always been a shy girl. Because of her unfortunate upbringing, she doesn't know how to voice out her thoughts and she is always awkward around people.After her mom’s horrifying death, she was left alone. She had to deal with the cruelty of this world by herself, so she tried her best to change for the better. But what will happen if she meets the handsome but arrogant and cold CEO, Regan Novell?Can a sheltered naive girl like her handle a man like him who always gets everything he desires? What if she discovers a secret that he had been hiding for the longest time? Will she stay and fight for their love or leave and forget about him for good?