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Run For Your Life Book 1

Run For Your Life Book 1

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  • Run For Your Life
  • Author: ShinichiLaaaabs
  • From Wattpad
  • Other works: Detective Files series, Run For Your Life
  • SRP: P250
  • Pages: 480
  • Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction


  • Gender discrimination, oppression, wealth hierarchy- Those were few of the things that Sunny Gallego wants to abolish when she decided to enter the Academy. Life was never easy when she met the Grande Cousins who holds the highest elite position in the whole Capital.

  • Everything was a roller coaster ride especially when she discovered some things that truly shocked her. The truth is more shattering than anyone could imagine.

  • In a world where population is increasing rapidly, women and the poor are oppressed, and those in the position are abusing their power, all you can do is... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE."