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Project Loki Vol 2 Part 2
Project Loki Vol 2 Part 2

Project Loki Vol 2 Part 2

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  • Project Loki Vol. 2 Part 2
  • Author: AkosiIbarra
  • From Wattpad
  • Other works: Project Loki series, QED University, Moriartea
  • Published by: Psicom Publishing Inc.
  • SRP: P175
  • Size: 5.25 x 8
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: Paperback
  • Language: Filipino, English
  • Genre: Detective Fiction
  • Available for COD

Project Loki Vol 2 Part 2 by AkosiIbarra (Cris Ibarra)


Malice. Maneuvers. Masquerade.

After being away from home for how many months, Lorelei confronts the past that has been haunting her as she gets involved in a series of unfortunate events in her previous high school and investigates the threat looming over her father's life.

Back in Clark High, the mysterious shadow desperate for Moriarty's attention strikes again and takes more pawns on the chessboard. With the imminent danger coming at their doorstep, the Q.E.D club must put a stop on the senseless killing spree and gain the upper hand in their cat and mouse game against the young criminal mastermind.

But as they face their most dangerous case yet, the unforeseen resolution might shock them to the core.

Masks will fall off.

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