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Phantom Nightray by Nocturnalbeast
Phantom Nightray by Nocturnalbeast
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Phantom Nightray by Nocturnalbeast

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Title: Phantom Nightray


SRP: 175.00

Pages: 128

ISBN: 978-621-414-326-9


Coraline Lazaro, a kind, beautiful, and simple woman, has never dated anyone in her twenty-eight years of existence. She had many suitors, but she had always rejected them for one reason—she wanted to be a nun. It’s her greatest dream: to serve God all her life. She was about to enter the convent when her twin sister, who is the complete opposite of her, framed her for something that she didn’t do—stealing the car of one of the most renowned businessmen in the city, Phantom Nightray.

Phantom, who was furious about his car getting stolen and had no knowledge about the woman he met in a bar having a twin, ended up punishing Coraline in a way that would change their lives forever.



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