Peculiars Tale 1

Peculiars Tale 1

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  • Peculiars' Tale Book 1
  • Author: AnakniRizal
  • From Wattpad
  • Other Works: Peculiars' Tale 1 & 2, Mnemosyne's Tale
  • Pages: 256
  • Language: Filipino, English

  • The Peculiars' Tale Book 1


  • Jill Morie, the girl who cansee the future, never wanted her power and believes that every eventin the universe is already determined. Until one day, she decided to interfere with fate to compensate her guilt.

  • And this is the beginning of her quest. She then discovered that there are other beings like her who have exceptional abilities and a secret organization called "Memoire" who hunts them down.
  • - The Peculiars' Tale by Demielle Abilon (AnakniRizal)

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