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Olympus Academy Book 2
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Olympus Academy Book 2

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Title: Olympus Academy Book 2

Author: Mahriyumm

SRP: 195.00

Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-621-414-331-3



Cesia, previously known in the mortal realms as Abigail Young, is a new student of Olympus Academy, the first school to house Filipino demigods.

It is also where she met her new classmates, the Alphas, sons and daughters of the major gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon. Fortunately for her, their generous hearts were easy to befriend. Though unfortunately, their abilities were difficult to catch up to for someone new.

The saying goes that “blood is thicker than water," but the Alphas are half-immortals. For them, it could be that the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb, meaning the blood they shed together on the battlefield was stronger than the blood they share with their mothers and fathers.

And their own blood they would shed, after they unravel the mystery of a threat that lurks within the walls of the academy.

Every road leads to destruction and every answer leads to another question.

War . . . it is inevitable.

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