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Mnemosyne's Tale 1

Mnemosyne's Tale 1

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  • Title: Mnemosyne's Tale
  • Author: Demi Abilon aka AnakniRizal
  • From Wattpad
  • Other works: Peculiars' Tale 1&2
  • Published by: Psicom Publishing Inc.
  • SRP: P195
  • Size:  5.25 x 8
  • Pages: 192
  • Language: Filipino, English
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

  • The Awakening of Unknown Power
  • (The story before Jill Morie)

  • Maria Sigrid Ibarra has an exceptional memory. She's already an achiever at such a young age, which is why she's sent to study in a prestigious Atlas University. During her first stay in the unversity, she received an anonymous threat to leave the place immediately. But she firmly stayed until peculiar things quickly haunted her. And what she doesn't know, an unknown power inside her will become awake.

  • This is the tale before Jill Morie.

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