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His Nasty Little Secret
His Nasty Little Secret
PSICOM Publishing Inc

His Nasty Little Secret

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His Nasty Little Secret

by xiomai

“This would be the last time, Sasa. Last time.”


Well, promises are meant to be broken, right?

Samantha Michiko Green just had to finish her “last chance” three-month internship. Sounds easy, but not when you have Liam freaking Knight as your boss. 

Liam takes Samantha as an intern just because of a small favor. A small favor that is so damn hard to resist. Lust is what they have while they’re keeping a nasty secret.

Can pure lust turn to love? Will they love the lust or will their love last?

256 pages

Published by: Psicom Publishing Inc

Imprint: ICONS

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