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He's a Monster
Psicom Publishing Inc

He's a Monster

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  • Title: He's a Monster
  • Author:Shinkumi
  • Published by: Psicom Publishing Inc
  • SRP: P195
  • Size: 5.25 x 8
  • Pages: 256

  •  They say you can never stop yourself from loving someone. It will just happen—no warnings, no precautions. You’ll find yourself falling into a trap but you’ll like the captivity.A fateful encounter changed everything for Chloe. She has been aiming for one thing all her life—to make her parents proud. When Saturn Riff came into the picture, she found another thing to aim for—to fulfill their dreams together.But it won’t be easy. Love and dreams are two different things and Chloe finds that it takes a lot of sacrifice and courage to keep both.

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