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Chained to the Past
PSICOM Publishing Inc

Chained to the Past

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  • Title: Chained to the Past
  • Author: nininininaaa
  • SRP 195,
  • 320 pages
  • Language: English
  • Psicom Publishing Inc
  • Wattpad books

Unwanted truth.
Distorted memory.
A touch of mystery.

Living in regret, fear, and guilt, Clementine Laureen is still chained to the tragic past which is the biggest turning point of her life.
As she lives her new life as Linette Afia―hiding her true identity―she learns about a fragment of her past that she cannot ignore and leave untouched. From then on, she starts to unveil the mystery behind the tragedy, piece by piece, until she finds herself spending her life trapped in a spinning web of lies.

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