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Angelic Sin
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Angelic Sin

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  • Title: Angelic Sin
  • Author: NaughtyJackyy
  • SRP: P195
  • Pages: 224
  • Genre: Fantasy

Waking up from a slumber where getting fooled by the man she loved was her nightmare, Helleia, an angel of innocence and purity, knew that she must face the fate that was drawn from the lines of her hands—she must face Casmon, an incubus he once called Kiel, an incubus who stole her heart and torn it afterwards, and an incubus who happens to be her mortal enemy.

Engulfed with pain, she tried to forget and cut the tie that binds them both, and bring back the things as they were before.

But will she be able to do it or end up destroying everything with her Angelic Sin?

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