Slave of the Mafia Boss

Slave of the Mafia Boss

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Slave of the Mafia Boss

by  Maria Elena

256 pages

Agent Rowin Nieves is supposed to be happily married if it wasn’t for the mission that took the life of his fiancée Mia. Five years have passed, but he is still looking for the man responsible for her tragic death.

He formed a special unit which will operate outside the regulations of the agency, and this was his last resort in finding Magnus—their primary suspect. They undercovered as a mafia which became the reason why one of his acquaintances died, leaving his family a huge amount of owed money from the other group. Then one day, they found out that it was being extracted from Lianne, his acquaintance’s stepdaughter.

Rowin is forced to protect her. In return, he will make her his wife. And one thing is for sure . . . Lianne’s world will change drastically as she enters his world.

Published by: Psicom Publishing Inc

Imprint: ICONS